The Course

Each student will be gently encouraged to express themselves with the materials and environment provided and to develop their own painting language rather than to strive for a prescribed traditional standard. We pride ourselves on our listening skills especially and being able to work with the student’s needs, to support them to move their work forward. We are not interested in creating a house style as the individuality of each student is at the heart of their belief. After having worked together as tutors for many years we are able to offer developmental advice, a forward-thinking approach, along with being attuned to giving students the time and space to adjust and to absorb new information. All levels are catered for, whether you are a beginner looking to set out on the nursery slopes of expressiveness or a more experienced painter looking to develop your professional creativity.

We will be working mostly with acrylic paint and acrylic mediums and these, along with flexible and portable supports, brushes, pallets etc will be provided. However, if you would like to work in oils we are only too happy for you to bring paint with you and we will provide turps and mediums. Our flexible supports are easily transportable in your suitcases for the journey home. Many of our clients have been thrilled to sell their work after they have returned home and many have been subsequently accepted into art competitions. A fabulous memory and a real achievement for each student.

Sample Itinerary

This may be subject to change in response to ongoing discussions over coffee in the morning.

We will start in the mornings with a discussion of the day’s approach, over coffee. For instance, we may consider paint technology tips and useful professional methods with visual materials, as well as thoughtful insights to contextualise your approach to the development of your work.
Then into the field or choose a spot near by to work from, wherever it is we will make sure that you have all you need and we will sit down with each student to help with their painting.

Then lunch, swim, siesta.
A couple of hours continued painting and tutoring in the afternoon, maybe with a different view.

Then you are free to rest or go for a walk. There will be drinks  before our chefs serve a supper. This is when we all get a chance to discuss the day’s work and to relax with some wonderful company.

Some basic daily themes

– Composition in the landscape.

– Space in the landscape.

– Colour in the landscape.

– Expressiveness in the landscape

– Abstraction in the landscape

– Just you, painting in the landscape.

– Check out.

landscape in Andalucia

2019 Course Prices to be confirmed.

Price's below include; Tuition, accommodation, food, materials and transfer to and from the airport.Price
A deposit is required for each booking and is non-refundable
Single artist£500
Two artists sharingTotal£500
One artist and one non artist sharingTotal£500
Food, accommodation and some materials will all included in these prices

To join a course please just complete the booking form.