Your Tutors

Rachael and Gareth have been married for twenty-five years and are hugely experienced tutors and fully professional contemporary artists with international reputations. They both mentor at the much-garlanded Newlyn School of Art in Cornwall and lectured at some of the UK’s leading art colleges, including Chelsea College of Art, John Moores University Liverpool and Falmouth University.

Both Rachael and Gareth have dreamt of working together and building their own painting holidays. Now that their children have grown and need them less, they feel the time is right to give more of their time to this. A chance meeting at a friend’s gathering introduced them to the possibility of working in Spain at this beautiful location, so plans began to emerge and they embraced the opportunity.

Gareth Edwards in painting studio
Gareth in the studio

Gareth has an enviable reputation as one the leading contemporary landscape painters of his generation and has recently won two major awards, the David Simon Contemporary Art award and the International Farindola LIBERO Arts award 2018. He will be showing at the Jill George Gallery in London’s West End next June in 2018 and with the David Simon Gallery in Bath in October 2017. He has had numerous catalogues of his work published, most recently this year’s, ‘The Silent Frontier’, published by the Lemon Street Gallery in Truro, Cornwall. Gareth will also be showing at the LAPaDA art fair in London and in the Toronto Art Fair this Autumn. You can find his work on his website

Rachael has recently shown with the Newlyn Art Gallery in 2017, and also currently shows with the Jill George Gallery in London. She graduated from the Chelsea School of Art with a Masters Degree in Painting and has exhibited throughout the UK and at international Art Fairs.

Composition and colour play a key part in the images that Rachael creates, her work records arbitrary details and ‘normal’ landscapes that are touched by humanity and the debris of the contemporary world. She looks at landscape initially through the use of photography, although recently she has gone onto drawing to record what she sees. She is interested in capturing a sequence of moments that come from scenes of the mundane and every day; such as streets, roadways, railroad sidings, fences, buildings, in order to recall, recreate and show things as they are. Some of the paintings hint at exodus and capture empty roads going nowhere, trains passing through. They are non -specific landscapes that although empty of human activity are redolent of human psychology.
She currently lives in rural West Cornwall and has a house and studio in Newlyn West Penwith. There is something about the landscape in this part of the world that resonates with her in an unsettling way; it is both beautiful and solemn.
She is from the South East of England and comes from a creative background. Her father David Reeves was a ceramicist and he taught her how to look and be aware of her surroundings from an early age. Her first degree was in Fine Art at Coventry University, when graduating she became a founding member of an artist’s group in the city before moving to London to complete an MA in painting at Chelsea School of Art. Much of her teaching has been in the public sector and she has a great deal of experience working with all ages. She is currently one of the mentors at the Newlyn School of Art in West Cornwall where she also teaches workshops throughout the year and is a prominent member of the Newlyn Society of Artists.

Gareths work has slowly evolved in recent years from abstraction toward a more specifically landscape approach. The paintings remain free with abstracted elements but are now more spatial, more elemental and evoke emotional weathers and poetic atmospheres as much as topological features. He graduated in 1984 with a BA Hons in Art History. His entire art and teaching practice from that point has come from his wide contextual knowledge. His ability to move paint and materials around is all self-taught, demonstrating how far his passion for painting has taken him. Since moving to Cornwall from London he joined the Newlyn Society of Artists and is now resident in the historic Porthmeor Studios in St Ives Cornwall, once occupied by such luminaries as Patrick Heron, Ben Nicholson and Francis Bacon. He was elected a full RWA academician in 2004. He is the invited artist at the FIAF Libero Arts Festival in Abruzzo Italy in 2018.